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Be your strong self and enjoy the life you have been given!

My core competencies are authenticity, psychological resilience, empathy, curiosity. With my training as a psychological counselor/coach.

I have gained the methods in theory and use them today at the child and youth hotline. I have been able to overcome a number of difficulties both in my professional and private life.
As a woman in a male domain, I have had to deal with a few colleagues who could not deal with me, was in a burn-out at the age of 30, changed locations and much more.

These experiences and how I have mastered them I use to help my coachees to find the right way for them and to believe that they will be able to emerge from this situation stronger than before.

Stronger against Burn-out

Stronger against Burnout

Job, family, free time - sometimes it's all too much for you?
Learn strategies that make you STRONGER!


What others say about me

Thank you very much, for your always valuable advice and the open ear. I appreciate the exchange with you and your profound and situationally appropriate questions and impulses very much. They always give me an exciting and new perspective on the situation and help me to work on the topics strengthened and with new inspiration. Janina
Thank you for your valuable assessment Tanja 😊👍
You are such a great, cheerful person. So many more will benefit from this.

My peronal learnings

Burn-out check

You want to know where you are in the spiral of exhaustion. Answer 9 questions and find out!


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What you always wanted to know about online Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching all about?2021-12-23T19:21:59+01:00

In my point of view Life Coaching is all about your challenges in life. Whether to balance your life the way it is good for you, coping with stress or facing changes – these are all topics I am happy to support you with!

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What does a Life Coach do?2021-12-23T19:20:53+01:00

A Life Coach will help you to take a good look at your life and see all the good things as well as work with you on the topics you would like to improve. He will help you to see the strength you have, the resources you can build on and change the perspective on some things.

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What do I find in the Learning section?2021-12-23T19:19:06+01:00

You will find what I experienced and how it made me the person I am now. Because in every challenge there is also something to learn about yourself. The biggest and ongoing learning is to be yourself- against all doubt from yourself and others.

Also, you get some free input about methods I use during the Life Coaching and how they worked for me. Not every method will work for you too, but I am sure together we can find something that works for you!

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