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Unfortunately, burn-out is still a taboo subject that people don’t like to talk about. It only affects the weak, those who can’t take anything.

STOP – that is not the case!

Burn-out mainly affects those who are passionate about a cause and go beyond their limits to push the issue. This is nothing to be ashamed of!

Just take the test and find out if you should take action.

You can also read up on the topic of burn-out first.

Burn-out Spiral of Exhaustion

Burn-out Check

You suspect you might have a burn-out? Or would you simply like to know what you have to watch out for? Then you are right here. Just answer the following 9 questions. Please be honest with yourself!

The test is based on the exhaustion spiral according to Unger and Kleinschmidt. If you want to know more about the exhaustion spiral, you can read more here.

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Stronger against Burn-out

Stronger against Burnout

Job, family, free time – sometimes it’s all too much for you?
Learn strategies that make you STRONGER!

Burn-out Spiral of Exhaustion


I am sure you heard about the burnout syndrome. Maybe you even think you are suffering from it. Let’s find a way to make you stronger.

Life Balance- Work-Life-Balance

Life Balance

There is a lot of talk concerning finding your life balance. There is also more than one live balance model out there, but the one I like is from  Nossrat Peseschkian.

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Phases of change- Change your life

Change your life

You are facing a life change? No matter if the change is dictated to you by external factors or you want that change your life- it is always an emotional process.

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Stress management- stress factors

Stress management

Stress management is a topic that is talked about a lot. But what does it really mean. The first step is to find out what stress is for you and how you can better cope with it.

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