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Employee training: STRONGER against burnout

The employee training STARK gegen Burnout is aimed at employees who want to protect themselves before it is too late. Employees learn about their respective stressors and how they can avoid them or deal with them better in future. This makes your employees more resilient to stress.

Now also available as an e-learning module!

2 days

4 hours each

Maximum 10


Teaching material



Day 1

  • Ending the stress cycle
    First, we take a look at Unger and Kleinschmidt’s exhaustion spiral to learn more about burnout. From this we derive the need to end the stress cycle on a daily basis. The course participants consider for themselves what small things they can do at the end of each day.
  • Finding triggers
    Through targeted exercises, participants find out what their own personal stressors are. They also learn how stress arises.
  • Active change
    At the end of the first day, the aim is for everyone to make specific small changes with the aim of reacting differently to the identified stressors in the future. This is also supported with targeted exercises.

Day 2

  • Recognizing resources
    This block is about increasing personal resilience and defining possible ways for yourself on this day should things get stressful. Personal strengths are highlighted and how these can be used.
  • Finding sources of strength
    At the end of the workshop, the aim is to find out which activities or people give each individual energy, but also which ones are energy draining. This enables a very conscious approach to one’s own energy.

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Thank you very much, for your always valuable advice and the open ear. I appreciate the exchange with you and your profound and situationally appropriate questions and impulses very much. They always give me an exciting and new perspective on the situation and help me to work on the topics strengthened and with new inspiration. Janina
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You are such a great, cheerful person. So many more will benefit from this.