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What Date Time Where Sign up
Stronger against Burnout October 4th/ 11th/ 18th/ 25th 2023 5 to 7 pm online Link
Time to Reflect November 8th and 10th 2023 5 to 7 pm online Link
Stronger against Burnout December 16th and 17th 2023 1 to 5pm online Link

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Burnout Prevention

STRONG Formular for burnout prevention

Burnout Support

Burnout Support

Burnout Talk

Burnout prevention talk for Employers

What is Burnout?

Burn-out Spiral of Exhaustion

What others say about me

Thank you very much, for your always valuable advice and the open ear. I appreciate the exchange with you and your profound and situationally appropriate questions and impulses very much. They always give me an exciting and new perspective on the situation and help me to work on the topics strengthened and with new inspiration. Janina
Thank you for your valuable assessment Tanja ­čśŐ­čĹŹ
You are such a great, cheerful person. So many more will benefit from this.