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Use stress as a platform, walk your path to success with ease!

Get stronger against Burnout!

Burnout Coach

Hey, I’m Tanja!

Against all doubt, you can…

…reach your goals

…prevent yourself from burning out!

…prevent exhaustion on your own!

…be yourself!

…accept yourself!

What you can expect

When life gives you lemons

When life gives you lemons…

We all know this saying, but how are you supposed to make lemonade out of a career change, a stressful boss or colleague, a divorce, a loss or other personal and professional challenges? With the STRONG model, you will recognize your path and receive the necessary support every step of the way.

Structured approach for your success

Structured approach for your success

With the STRONG model, you can take control of your success. With 5 clear steps and individual strategies, I support you in mastering the adventure of life and being successful and resilient in the process.

Successful and resilient through challenging times

Successful and resilient through challenging times

Turning work pressure into productivity, achieving personal and professional goals and staying mentally healthy? You can do this with the right tools. With the STRONG model you formulate your goals and the steps you take to achieve your goals, as well as your sources of energy.

What others say about me

Thank you for your valuable assessment Tanja 😊👍 Mark
Thank you very much, for your always valuable advice and the open ear. I appreciate the exchange with you and your profound and situationally appropriate questions and impulses very much. They always give me an exciting and new perspective on the situation and help me to work on the topics strengthened and with new inspiration. Janina
You are such a great, cheerful person. So many more will benefit from this. Moni

The STRONG Model

End the stress cycle

We all experience stressful situations every day and we should end them in the evening. This is the only way for our body to realize that it can now switch to relaxation.

Finding triggers

The very first task in burnout prevention is to find out what triggers stress in you. And that means positive and negative stress. What are your triggers?

Open for change

The third step in burnout prevention is to consider which triggers can be changed and which cannot. In other words, can you switch off triggers, or do you have to learn to deal with them differently?

New Resilience

Resilience is not a characteristic that you are born with and that is simply always equally good. Resilience is more like a muscle that you can build up and then have to train again and again to maintain it.

Energy sources

Take a look at the different areas and people in your life. I think you will find things that you do that give you energy and others that rob you of energy.

With the STRONG model, you can take your life into your own hands and make yourself fit for life’s adventures!

You can find out more about the STRONG model here:Burnout prevention – A 5 Step plan

Stronger against Burn-out

Stronger against Burn-out

Job, family, free time – sometimes it’s all too much for you?
Learn strategies that make you STRONGER!

What I offer you

Stronger against Burn-out

Burnout Prevention

Burnout Support

Burnout Support

Burnout prevention talk for Employers

Burnout Talk

Generation Z and Burnout

What is Burnout?

Why I became a Life Coach

You’re wondering what prompted me to become a life coach? After all, I have a full-time job?! Then you’ll find out here how I came to have a second job.

My story in 3 chapters:

  1. One door closes and another opens
  2. The realization
  3. The maturing process
Burnout talk for Employers

Burn-out check

You want to know where you are in the spiral of exhaustion. Answer 9 questions and find out!

Here are some posts on burnout

Here are some of my personal learnings

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What you always wanted to know about online Life Coaching

What is burn-out?2022-01-07T19:57:12+01:00

In 1973, Freudenberger created the term burn-out in the United States. At that time, he described the burn-out of people in caring or social professions. Today, burn-out is no longer seen only in social professions. According to a study by Statista from 2017 with 649 respondents, it emerges that in the service sector most respondents (14%) estimate the risk of burn-out to be the highest. With 11%, health, care and social services are still the second most affected group. In the area of administration, management and office work, 9% of the respondents still estimate their risk as high.

Learn more

Who can suffer from burnout?2022-01-16T11:07:42+01:00

Here, one can particularly highlight 3 groups of people. What all three groups have in common is that they are people who are highly self-motivated and want to achieve a lot on their own initiative. Only the motives are different.

Group 1: Perfectionists

In this group we find people who are very ambitious and committed to the tasks assigned to them and who want to get it right down to the last dot.

Group 2: Performance-oriented people

This group consists of very determined, dynamic people. They like to exert themselves and often enjoy doing so. However, if there is a lack of recognition from outside or if there are failures, this situation can become very stressful. This group also needs a certain amount of freedom to pursue their goals and needs a high degree of self-responsibility.

Group 3: Selfless people

This group approaches things with a lot of idealism. They are often selfless and responsible. They care about the welfare of others above all else. We usually find them in social professions.

These groups certainly do not describe all unambiguously and there are certainly also affected and endangered who have a mixture of the described characteristics, but should also only give an impression.

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Stronger against Burn-out

Stronger against Burn-out

Job, family, free time – sometimes it’s all too much for you?
Learn strategies that make you STRONGER!

Life Balance- Work-Life-Balance

Life Balance

There is a lot of talk concerning finding your life balance. There is also more than one live balance model out there, but the one I like is from  Nossrat Peseschkian.

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Phases of change- Change your life

Change your life

You are facing a life change? No matter if the change is dictated to you by external factors or you want that change your life- it is always an emotional process.

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Stress management- stress factors

Stress management

Stress management is a topic that is talked about a lot. But what does it really mean. The first step is to find out what stress is for you and how you can better cope with it.

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What do I find in the Learning section?2021-12-23T19:19:06+01:00

You will find what I experienced and how it made me the person I am now. Because in every challenge there is also something to learn about yourself. The biggest and ongoing learning is to be yourself- against all doubt from yourself and others.

Also, you get some free input about methods I use during the Life Coaching and how they worked for me. Not every method will work for you too, but I am sure together we can find something that works for you!

Read more of my learnings

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