Do you know that feeling of curious excitement that comes with starting something new? I am having it right now.

But let’s go back. When I started the qualification as psychological consultant/ coach I thought this would be an interesting topic and give me also some insights about myself as well as help me in my career path.

A few month later an idea started to form- why not use the qualification to support others? How could this be done without leaving my regular job? So, I let the idea mature. This at least is how it works for me. I just keep the idea in the back of my mind and let my subconsciousness work on it.

Plan A

A couple of weeks later there was a beginning of a plan. One I liked because it combined everything with my passion traveling. Why not add Life Coaching to your travels, that could be a good niche for me and could be done in my vacation time. But then Covid 19 came along, right when the plan started to fill out. This really had me thinking again- and was a big setback for me. I dwelled on it for some time. My first thoughts being “Well this will just postpone it a little, no problem.”- a typical phase 1 reaction from the 6 phases of change.

Inbetween plans

After I understood that the Covid 19 situation will stay longer with us than I first thought, I started to get worried, because at that point I really wanted to get going with Life Coaching. But this also meant to change my approach.

So again, the idea had to mature and work in my subconsciousness. I no longer could combine Life Coaching with my travels, but still wanted to go ahead, even without being able to coach face to face.

Workshop “Time to reflect”

Time to reflect

Do you see the fog or the possibilities?
REFLECT what you want!

Plan B

The new plan formed as what you can see now on my homepage. Offering Life Coaching either online or by phone and when possible again add seminars.

So now what and where was clear I had to get started on writing a business plan. I found really helpful information on the internet from the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, but something more became clear. There are so many things to consider besides having a concept and marketing. Especially coming to pension and insurances, which I hadn’t thought of at the beginning. Again, I did find help in form of a telephone consulting service.

Starting point

Here I am now, hoping that I have all bases covered and starting my own business! Curious and excited what the next months will bring.

Along the way I learned some things I am more than happy to share:

  • You can plan as you might- sometimes life gets in the way
  • If you really want something you will still find a way
  • German law for companies, especially tax and legal forms of a company are possible to understand
  • Some stuff you learn in school you think you will never need might come back at you.

Is there something you would like to change in your life or a change you didn’t want happening? Do you feel stressed out? Is your life off-balance? Let me know and we can work on it!

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Focus Topics

Life Balance- Work-Life-Balance

Life Balance

An important factor of burnout prevention is your individual life balance. We are happy to go deeper into this in a one-on-one coaching session or you can take the time for the “Time to reflect”.

Phases of change- Change your life

Change your life

The O in the STONG formula speaks of open for change. This is not an easy thing to do.

If you are facing a change right now and you need support, we can do that in a one-on-one coaching session.

Stress management- stress factors

Stress management

You know that this is your topic to work on. Then we can focus together on the TR and G from the STRONG formula. This goes again in the individual coaching or the workshop “Time to reflect”.