You are not feeling satisfied? You have the feeling your life is going on without you? Still, you have everything you wanted. You are healthy, you have a good job, family, and friends. There really is no reason to not feel satisfied, but still, that is how you feel? For you, it just doesn’t make sense. Find your hidden desires!

Everybody tells you to just be happy- since you have it all. Are you maybe living somebody else’s dream?

Growing up we get influenced by a lot of people and this is normal. But some have a stronger influence on us than others. Also, for some we want to be “good” or we want to impress them, get their respect, and just think we need to do it their way to be loved. In those cases, it gets trickier.

Where do their desires stop and your wishes start? Those two things easily get mingled. So, sit down and figure out what it is that you really want. Maybe do this by looking back to in which small situations you really felt happy or satisfied. This is a good indicator on how you want to be and behave. Knowing your desires is the first and most important step to make them come true!

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What are your hidden or long forgotten desires?

Use the technique I described above. When did you feel happy or satisfied? Write all the situations down. Do those situations have something in common? If yes, then congratulations – you have found one of your desires!

Or are you not so sure yet? Ask yourself why they made you happy. Was it because something good happened to you? Or were you proud of yourself? All those feelings are a very good indicator!

The situation just felt good and you don’t know why? Try to go back into that situation. Maybe you remember a picture or a smell that helps you to really get back. What was it exactly that made you feel good? Being together with people or being alone? Or the way those people made you feel, accepted you? Whatever it is, finding out what it is gets you a step closer to your forgotten desires!

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Workshop “Time to reflect”

Time to reflect

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REFLECT what you want!

You know perfectly well, what it is you are missing, but don’t have the courage to do it?

Congratulations! You already know what you want! Now it is time to get into action and tackle all the reasons that are holding you back. It might be fear of what other people will think or it might mean to leave your safety net. Whatever your reasons are start by writing them all down. And then rate them. From a scale 0 (it really doesn’t matter) to 10 (I could not live with this).

Once you have done that, write also down what will be better/ different once you have changed the things you want to change and again scale it from 0 (it really doesn’t matter) to 10 (I don’t want to live without this). That way you get a better feeling for your desires. Maybe you find a way to fulfill it step by step or are able to minimize the reasons that are hindering you that way.

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Whatever your desires are:

  • It is not easy to find them, but you can do it!
  • Make sure they are really yours!
  • Find the courage to fulfill them!

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