Off to Brittany!

Car packed, bike loaded and off I go. After 5 hours and almost 500km I reach Nemours, my first destination.

Arrived at the accommodation I must determine, here there is certainly no parking, not even in the immediate vicinity. So, I park my car outside and pack my luggage for the night, including cooler on the bike.

Since I have now already unloaded the bike, I use the time for a small tour along the Loing direction Montcourt-Fromoville and enjoy the nature.

Of course, a tour through Nemours may not be missing.

Week 1- Saint Malo

Port de Saint Malo

After another almost 500 kilometers I arrive in Saint Malo, in Brittany. My location for the next few days. Here, too, first unload the car and then bring it somewhere to a parking lot. Fortunately, I have my bike with me.

But now first of all to the beach!

Bücherei Saint Malo
Stadtmauer Saint Malo
Strand vor der Burg Saint Malo

I enjoy my first day without driving with an extensive walk on the city wall and then further to the Grand Plage du Sillon. On the way there you can clearly see that it is high tide. Sometimes the water reaches even the promenade. On the way back I enjoy the walk in the sand, because now it is slow low tide.

There are many things to see, washed up lifebuoys, ladders in the middle of the sea and of course the city wall of Saint Malo with magnificent views and the gate into the old town.

From Saint Malo it is only about 1 hour by car to Rennes. So off I go!

Besides beautiful half-timbered houses (Rennes has over 200 of them), I can marvel at the cathedral, the swimming pool, the church of St. Anne and of course the city hall and the opera of Rennes. The town hall and the opera house are opposite each other and who notices the architectural trick that was used here?

The bulge at the town hall is the same size as the opera house.

Thanks to tired feet, I take the ferry and the bike today and go to Dinard. From there you have not only a beautiful view back to Saint Malo, but also otherwise beautiful houses and views that you can enjoy. Among other, the villa Les Roches Brunes which was built in 1893 and now houses an art gallery.

For those who want to visit Dinard: The bicycle is not the best means of transport here. You are not allowed to drive on the promenade, only to walk and otherwise it is very hilly.

A small walk on the promenade I have then allowed myself despite tired feet. The promenade is very long here and you can see not only the rocky coast with its beautiful houses.

In Dinan, or as Duchess Anne calls the town “the key to my treasure”, I first visit the castle and then continue to the Duchess Anne Promenade and enjoy the beautiful view of the Rance Valley from there. Nearby is also the Basilica Saint-Sauveur. From there, it’s back to the car through the cobbled streets.

In beautiful weather, and that in October, I enjoy a boat trip from St. Malo to Cap Fréhel. Along the coast we drive past Dinard via Saint-Cast-le-Guildo on to Fort La Latte and Cap Fréhel.

On the way back the lighthouse in front of St. Malo and just the sea.

A visit to this corner of Brittany should not be complete without a visit to Mont Saint Michel. The monastery, which is dedicated to the Archangel Michael, is built in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean at high tide. At low tide, however, you can walk around the monastery. I set off on foot towards the monastery and can marvel at it from afar. Fortunately, I was early, because the alleys around the church are not yet as full as already a short time later. Therefore, I say goodbye again to the monastery and enjoy the rest of the day on the beach of St. Malo.

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Week 2 – Lampaul-Plouarzel

I continue to Lampaul-Plouarzel my second location. On the way I make a small detour to look at the pink rocks of Ploumanac’h. A detour that is worthwhile. The rock landscape here is impressive. Who can discover mushroom, downhill skier, turtle, and dog? And these are only a few rock formations.

I cycle along the coast from Lampaul-Plouarzel to La Pointe de Corsen, the most western point in France. I enjoy the rest of the day reading.

On it goes to Conquet, I actually wanted to make a boat trip from here, but since this no longer goes daily at this time of year, I go empty and instead continue to the lighthouse and old monastery St. Mathieu.

Brest unfortunately was completely bombed in the 2nd World War, and you can see that. Also, that the city is the base of the French Navy. But the castle, the Rue Saint Malo and as art studios converted factory building are all worth seeing. Also, a ride with the gondola over the river La Penfeld is worthwhile. Is also the first time I have seen that there are two floors at the meeting point of the two gondolas.

At the end of my time in Lampaul-Plouarzel I make another bike ride along the coast to La Conquet. Today I must unfortunately say goodbye to the sea.

On the way home I stop in Auxerre a beautiful city at the Yonne. A genuinely nice end of my vacation!

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