Today it finally went off! After almost 2 years in which I have not flown, I am flying to Porto today. From there  I have the 280km of the coastal route ahead of me.

After I arrived here in the afternoon I first explored the city.

Porto- Caminho Português
Eckhaus Porto

I start and end my tour of the city with a beautiful corner house. They seem to like those here.

Eckhaus 2 Porto

High above the Rio Douro I walk over the Ponte Luis I. For all those who are not quite free from giddiness – the bridge is not only high, it also vibrates. But I have made it, the beautiful view from rewarded even for the risk and the sweat of fear.

Ponte Luis I - Porto
Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar - Porto

Once you have crossed the bridge, you reach the Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar.

From here I can already see where I’m going tomorrow – just follow  Rio Douro until you fall into the sea.

Blick den Rio Douro entlang- Porto
Zero Box Lodge Porto

But for now, I enjoy the roof terrace of my hotel before I go to sleep in my cozy wooden box.

From Porto to Aldaia Nova

So, today was starting day. After I got my first stamp in the cathedral of Porto I startet my journey. First along the Rio Douro.

Cathedral - Porto
Ponte de Arrábida

Once you arrive at the beautiful Ponte de Arrábida, you can already start to smell the sea. The anticipation of the Atlantic grows for me.

Arrived at the Atlantic Ocean, I first treat myself to breakfast with a view of the lighthouse Farol de S. Miguel. It was built in the 16th century and in the beginning a candle had to be lit every evening. The lower part was used as a chapel.

Lighthous Farol de S. Miguel

In Mantosinhos I find the first other pilgrims, since one can go up to here also with a historical train from Porto. But then I would have missed the many Portuguese who have called cheerfully to me “Bom Caminho!

From here we continue to Boa Nova, with its lighthouse.

Boa Nova Lighthouse
Rest at the sea

After a few more kilometers, north of Aldaia Nova, I am done for today and enjoy the time at the sea.

From Aldaia Nova nach Gafa

Despite light rain, we continue this morning. First comes a climbing task. Not so easy to balance with an additional 11kg.

Starting the day
Obelisco da Praia da Memória

First I pass the Obelisco da Priai da Memória, which was built here as a memorial stone for the Miguelist War.

Along the way I find this hut. Hm, wind or structural engineer? Since it is 9 o’clock in the morning, it cannot be the alcohol.

fishing viallage Angeiras

Next comes the fishing village of Angeiras. Here we have a nice breakfast.

The rest of the day I can admire a beautiful dune landscape, which changes again and again. In between lies the village of Vila Cha.


From Gafa to Santo André

First of all, I start this morning with the beautiful dune landscape. I just can’t get enough of it.

Today I visit also to two cities. The first one you can already see here, Vila do Conde.

View of Vila do Conde
Capela de Nossa Senhora da Guia

Here you can see the Capela de Nossa Senhora da Guia and …

the Fort Sao Joao.

Forte Sao Joao
Póvoa de Varzim

I continue to Póvoa de Varzim. Since unfortunately thunderstorm was announced, I didn’t stay here long, but it is supposed have a beautiful old town.

My hike for today ends as it started, with dune landscapes.

Dunes 1
Smurf House at the beach

From Santo André to Esposende

The first few kilometers today are still at the beach, until the smurf house. Shortly afterwards I walk inland.

Today I walk over a lot of footbridges, through small forests and beautiful landscapes.

Church of Apùlia

I make a short stop at the curch in Apùlia. Here I also get my stamp for today.

The next small village is Fao.

Arrived in Esposende

Between Fao and my destination today, Esposemde the rain got me.

Arrived in Esposende I can dmire the nature reserve across.

Nature Reserve
Eifel Bridge

From Emposende to Viana do Castelo

Today I traveled not on foot, but by bus. There were unfortunately no hotels on the way and so I must believe the guidebook that it is one of the routes that is not so nice.

Nevertheless, I arrive, as on foot also via bus using the Eifel bridge across the Rio Lima into the city.

I use the gained time for a city tour. I start with a ride on top of Monte de Luzia with the longest funicular in Portugal. It is 650m long and needs 7 minutes 😉.

At the top I can visit the Templo de Santa Luzia…

Templo de Santa Luzia
View back towards Porto

… and enjoy the beautiful view. Here the view back towards Porto.

On the way to the bank of the Rio Lima I walk through the old town of Viana do Castolo with its many churches and alleys.

Rua Grande
Statue of Viana

Arriving at the riverbank I find the Viana statue, which stands for the maritime importance of the small town.

Rarely, I give hotel tips, but today is such a day. Bruno was not only very friendly and helpful, but also offers really nice rooms at a fair price.

Hospedaria Senhora do Carmo
Sunrise in Viana do Castelo

From Viana do Castelo nach Vila Praia de Âncora

Today I leave the actual pilgrim route for the day, since this is mainly along the road and take a path directly on the beach. Since this is my longest route so far, I leave before sunrise.

I am back at the sea and here you can go swimming even at low tide.

Back at the sea
small trails

Today I mainly walk on small trails and …

… through small forests.

Arrival in Praia de Ancora

After it rained for the last 5 km, the arrival at today’s destination!

One hour later in Praia de Âncora.

Praia de Ancora
let's go

From Vila Praia de Âncora to A Guarda

Today is boarder crossing day. I start right at dawn.

The Portuguese part today is further along the coast, the goal almost always in sight.

Goal in sight
along the Minho

Along the border river the Minho I walk to Caminha. From there the ferry leaves for Spain.

In Caminha I make myself comfortable, because I would like to take the ferry and thanks to low tide it leaves only in 2 hours.

Taxi to spain

Arrived at the port I learn that the ferry leaves today only once and that in another 3 hours. Since I don’t want to wait so long, I take the water taxi to Spain.

Arrived in Spain, it goes uphill for the first time, because I decide to follow the pilgrim route and not the coast. But I am rewarded with a beautiful view over the Minho.

View of Minho
Forest in Galicia

Through beautiful forests I finally arrive in A Guarda.

Rocky coast

From A Guarda to Oia

Today I continue along the rocky coast over small mountains always close to the coast.

Unfortunately, much of the route is directly along the road, but in between there are also beautiful paths through nature.

Beautiful path through nature
Break view

And who am I to complain about a view like this to take a break.

The cathedral of Oia- my final destination for today.

Cathedral de Oia
Morning view

From Oia to Baiona

Today I start again early. Because I have not only about 20km ahead of me, but also 450m of altitude.

The vilage of Porto Mougás has writtengood wishes for the pilgrims.

Nice gesture

Halftime- the first 140km are done. Same amount for the next 9 days.

Fortaleza de Monterreal in Baiona. You can walk on the walls.

Fortaleza de Monterreal
Baiona incl. Port

And the view of Baiona from there.

Walk into the sun

From Baiona nach Saiáns

Today I have a short distance, only 12km. Therefore, the sun had already made it over the mountains to my start.

The first place I pass is A Ramaliosa. Here the bridge at the entrance to the village.

Bridge to A Ramallosa

Further I walk by beautiful landscapes. Simply to enjoy.

And then I arrive in a great accommodation. With washing machine. So I have only the bikini for the rest of the day and I can just relax with a great view.

Harbor of Canido

From Saiáns to Vigo

Today is the last time to enjoy the sea. At first the port of Canido.

Further I walk past beautiful beaches that already belong to Vigo.

Beaches from Vigo
Bey bey sea

Until the Atlantic finally passes into the Ria de Vigo. Shortly thereafter it goes the next kilometers through the industrial area of Vigo.

Vigo itself has a very beautiful old town, which at the moment is unfortunately characterized by a large construction site.

View of Ria de Vigo

From Vigo to Redondela

Out of Vigo it goes today on a high trail. This view accompanies me actually the whole day.

On the way someone has left us a fish in the forest and …

Fish in the forrest
Punte de Rande

… I have a magnificent view of the Punte de Rande.

In Redondela the two Camino Portugues come together. From now on it becomes more crowded.



Since I needed a day without hiking today I went directly by train to Pontevedra. Here I enjoyed the beautiful old town. Here are some impressions.

The Capela da Virxe Peregrina, the Iglesia de San Francisco and the Praza do Teucro.

From Pontevedra to Santo Antonino

Today I continue again on foot. Through beautiful forests …

Pathway in the forest
Iglesia de Santa Maria del Alba

… past the Iglesia de Santa Maria del Alba and …

… along a brook.

Brook in the forest
During the hike

From Santo Antonino to Caldas de Reis

On the route today it went mainly through fields and vines.

Caldas de Reis is reached via a bridge with a beautiful view.

Bridge to Caldas de Reis
Caldas de Reis

Also in the city itself there are many beautiful bridges.

From Caldas de Reis to Pontecesures

The first thing today is go uphill to the church of Santa Marina de Carracedo.

Iglesia de Santa marina de Carracedo
Beautiful path

After that, it turns into a very nice path that goes gently up and down through beautiful wooded areas.

It also passes rather questionable pilgrimage monuments.

Pilgrim fountain

Arrived in Pontecesures, I find this pilgrim fountain and …

… another extraordinary monument.

Rio Ulla

With this beautiful view of the Rio Ulla, I’m glad that Santiago de Compostela is slowly coming within reach.

From Pontecesures to Rúa de Francos

The day today starts with the town of Padrón.

Bridge out of Padron

Also the way out of Padrón is still very beautiful.

Then today becomes unfortunately very close to the road, with some beautiful sections. Here the pilgrims have probably bathed in the past.

Bath of the pilgrims
First view of Santiago de Compostela

From Rúa de Francos to Santiago de Compostela

Today is finally the time, I walk into Santiago de Compostela. Already about 7km before the finish you can see Santiago.

Arrived in front of the Catedral de Santiago de Compostela.

The proof

And for all who don’t want to believe it, the proof. 280km from Porto to Santiago de Compostela.

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