Short Trip to Lago Maggiore

Since I wasn’t able to travel outside of the country for the last 15 months, I just felt the need to hear a different language, to see something else beside my flat and its surroundings growing and growing.

This is why I finally decided to go, even if that meant to get a Corona Test and being in quarantine for 10 days. I checked where I can go for a few days without having to stay put where I am going. And the good thing was, that Switzerland already had opened up a little, so that I was able to go there.

I was so looking forward to 5 days seeing something else, that my resting pulse rate went down 5 digits just after booking the vacation. This shows me that yes, I did the right thing for myself.

I didn’t plan to mingle with a lot of people, just go hiking and walk by the lake by myself. I didn’t want to take a huge risk with going somewhere with a lot of people, but I needed to get out.


Even driving south in the sun was a happy experience. Once I arrived at the lake, I enjoyed the view and a nice stroll by the lake in Brissago.

Short trip to Laggo Maggiore-Brissago Lake view
Short trip to Lago Maggiore- Sunrise Brissago

Maggia Valley

I woke up to a beautiful sunrise. Ready to tackle the day and go for a hike.

I choose a small hike in the Maggia Valley. I started in Giumaglio and hiked up the river on one side to Someo. From there I had beautiful views up and down the valley.

Along the was there where a lot of small waterfalls.

Short trip to Lago Maggiore- Waterfall in Maggia Valley
Short trip to Lago Maggiore-View in Maggia Valley
Short trip to Lago Maggiore-View up Maggia Valley
Short trip to Lago Maggiore-Crossing river Maggia

Once in Someo I crossed the river Maggia using a suspension bridge.

I returned to Giumaglio walking on the other side of the river.

Short trip to Lago Maggiore-River Maggia
Short trip to Lago Maggiore-Valley Verzasca downriver

Verzasca Valley

My next stop was Verzasca Valley. This is mostly known for the barrage out of one of the James Bond movies. Since there were a lot of people there, I drove further into the valley to a roman bridge in Lavertezzo.

Here I again hiked a little up the valley and enjoyed the beautiful river.

Short trip to Lago Maggiore-Valley Verzasca during the hike
Short trip to Lago Maggiore-Piazza Grande Locarno


Today the sun left me to a cloudy and rainy day. Still, I went to the city Locarno, right by the lake. A took a trip with the blue train, went to the old city and visited Piazza Grande.

Everywhere in Locarno you can find small alleys

Short trip to Lago Maggiore- Street in Locarno
Short trip to Lago Maggiore-Building Locarno

and colorful buildings.

Once it got too rainy and cold, I went back to my room and enjoyed the lake view from there.


I was greeted by the same weather as yesterday but decided to still see Ascona. Ascona is again a very colorful city. Here you see the harbor and lake side walk area.

Short trip to Laggo Maggiore- Ascona
Short trip to Lago Maggiore- Buildings Ascona

And like in Locarno here are also a lot of different colored houses.

After another stroll by the lake and a Corona quick test it was time to drive home and start my 10 days of quarantine.

What I take home from my Short trip to Lago Maggiore:

  • It is important to stay healthy, both physical and mental
  • Even if you are not at home, you can stay pretty isolated
  • It is amazing what a few days away can do

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