Bolivia- Cities and desserts

La Paz

We start the day with a tour through La Paz. La Paz has about 1 Million inhabitants and is the administrative capital of Peru. The Congress and Government are located here. The constitutive capital is Sucre.

The first stop this morning is the Moon Valley. The clay stones change there appearance due to rain and wind. Before Luis Armstrong visited the valley and said it looks like on the moon it was called the “Valley of the spirits”.

You can see the “Lady’s hat”, “The grandfather” and the “Window to the south”.

Ladys-hat-La Paz
Grandfather-La Paz
Window-to-the-south-La Paz
Cable-cars-La Paz

There is also the Andean Spirit where you can leave a wish and if you belive it will come true.

Next is the cable car- the public transportation system of La Paz. One funny fact is that all the stations are the color of the line you are looking for.

From there we drive to the Killi Killi. Killi Killi means small bird in Aymara. From here we have a 360° view of La Paz and also the highest mountain in this area. This is Illimani with 6,439m and is the golden eagle- the protector of La Paz.

View-from-Killi-Killi-La Paz
Arch-on-Killi-Killi-La Paz

From Killi Killi the revolution to the Spanish was started, so the arch represents the actual and the colonial times.

On the main square you can find the Cathedral, the Government Palace and the Congress. There is something wrong with the clock of the congress, but this is wanted because the politics are more on the left side.



Leaving the hotel in La Paz early as to not get stuck in traffic we arrived at La Paz El Alto International at 8 am for our 10:30 flight. After waiting for one hour to take off we where told that our luggage will come on a later plane because of temperature and weight. After a bumpy ride we finally landed on an airport in the middle of no where and drove another hour to Sucre .

Sucre is a very nice town with about 300,000 inhabitants. We went on to the “Convento de San Felipe Neri ” to have a wonderful view of the city. After a nice dinner our bags had finally arrived and we went out to Salsa.

Pisco Sour Life Balance Cocktail

The next day we had a nice walk around town, found a little cafe in a clock tower and visited the Placa 25 de Mayo. Here you can see the cathedral with the evangelists on top and the “Casa de Libertad”.


After a nice sleep in we wandered Sucre – the white city. We found some nice streets and a cute café in a bell tower.

In the afternoon we walked to the view point Recoleta, – took a few pictures and had a fresh juice.



In the morning there was a big protest going on in Sucre for woman rights and against violence against women. So we watched that and then took the bus going to Potosi.

Right at the deportment boarder between Sucre and Potosi we had lunch with a beautiful view.

The bridge used to be the only way of crossing in the rainy season.

On the way we again crossed beautiful landscapes.


Potosi is a small town witch is build at the bottom of ” Correro Rico”. About 90% of the Economy is based here, since it is a huge silver mine. It was already used by the Spanish. Right now the are still 180 active Mines.


The town itself is very cute, but there is a lot of exhaust fumes which makes it very hard to breath in 4,060m.

In the afternoon we left to drive to Uyuni. Again we were able to see beautiful landscapes.

At some point all of the mountains where volcano rock.

Also we saw some Llamas on the road and beside it.


After a 4 hour drive we got our first glimpse of Uyuni and the salt flats.


Salt Flats

From Uyuni it is only a short drive to the train cemetery in our new transportation.

The train line was build in the late 1800 and was used to transport goods from the ocean to the Andes. Once Bolivia lost their access to the ocean the train line was not used anymore.

Train-cemetry-Salt Flats
Train-Tracks-Salt Flats

From there we drove on into the Salt Flats. They are about 11,000 square km big and the salt can be from 1 to 120m deep. It is collected after the rainy season.

Our first stop in the salt flats is the island Incahuasi. Here we can explore the Island.

After that we go and take all the perspective pictures like me riding on a llama.

Perspectives-Salt Flats

As the day starts to fade we see a beautiful sunset.

Atacama dessert

For the next two days we drove through the dessert and enjoyed the beautiful landscape. Who would have thought that the dessert can be so colorful. We visited different Lagoons, like the red and green one, had a bath in natural Hot Springs and just enjoyed.

Here are some of the beautiful landscapes and Flamingos.


This is what I take home from Boliva- cities and desserts:

  • The dessert is everything, but boring
  • Make sure you have your car keys
  • Everything is a question of perspective
  • Take what you have and work with it not against it

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