San Pedro de Atacama

After driving through the Atacama Dessert to the Bolivian/ Chilean Border we made our way to San Pedro de Atacama.

Duna-Mayor-San Pedro de Atacama

This is a small town in the Atacama Dessert where we visited the Moon Valley with it’s Duna Mayor. The Moon Valley is created by the movement from the Domaco Range against the Andes.

The Moon Valley looks completly different then the one we visited in La Paz, but as stunning. Here you can see the 3 Marys:

3-Marys-San Pedro de Atacama
Death-Valley-San Pedro de Atacama

Right next to San Pedro there is also the Death Valley. Again a totally different landscape.

What I take home von San Pedro de Atacama:

  • Snowboarding in the sand is not the same as on snow
  • Sometimes it is just nice to relax a little

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