Recognize and prevent burnout!

According to studies by both Techniker Krankenkasse and DAK, the importance of healthy leadership will increase significantly in the coming years. This is not least due to the fact that the number of absences from work due to mental illnesses, such as burnout, stress depression or depression, has risen significantly in recent years.

Burnout Prävention am Arbeitsplatz

Burnout prevention in the workplace has increased significantly, resulting in a loss of productivity and high costs for companies. In 2020, this can be calculated at 1.2 person-years and €80,000 per 100 employees.

The aim of the workshop is to sensitize managers and HR managers and provide them with tools to better deal with issues such as stress and burnout in the workforce and to recognize the first signs in order to prevent absenteeism at an early stage.

If you would prefer an in-house workshop, no problem, just get in touch with me and we will adapt the content to the needs of your company.


Date Time Location
March 13th and

March 20th 2024

9:00 am to 5:00pm

1:00pm to 5:00pm

more dates will follow

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Timetable for Recognize and prevent Burnout

Day 1:

What is burnout?

  • Definition World Health Organization
  • Legal basis for burnout prevention in companies (Occupational Health and Safety Act)
  • Exhaustion spiral according to Unger
  • Stress model according to Lazarus

Recognize burnout

  • Physical symptoms
  • Emotional symptoms
  • Depersonalization as a symptom
  • Reduced performance as a symptom

Options for action in the event of incipient burnout

  • Introduction to the options for action
  • Role plays

Preventive measures

  • Showing appreciation
  • Giving room for maneuver
  • Observing changes

Day 2:

Discussion of examples from everyday professional life

Peer group exchange

  • Opportunity to discuss examples
  • Case consultation by group and expert

Time for specific topics requested by the participants

What can you do as an employer?

There are many ways that you as an employer can help your employees become resilient to burnout.

Burnout Prävention am Arbeitsplatz

Burnout Prevention

Forest path with sunbeams and the words: self admission, finding triggers, active change, resilience, Energy sources

Burnout Support

Forest background with an autumn branch in the foreground and the 3 words: self admission, stressors and change

Burnout Talk

Burnout prevention talk for Employers

What is Burnout?

Burn-out Spiral of Exhaustion