Short trip to the Lake of Constance

Since I was going crazy not being able to travel I at least needed to see something different. So I went for a long weekend to the Lake of Konstanz – or the part of the lake called “Untersee”.

View from hotel- Lake of Constance
Lake of Constance

On Friday afternoon I checked in and enjoyed the rest of the day at the lakeside.

Saturday I had a pamper morning in the Hotel Spa with Peeling, Massage and Facial. Just loved it. Afterwards I drove the short distance to Radolfzell and enjoyed the pretty small town.

Old town of Radolfzell.

Radolfzell-Lake of Constance
Höri-Lake of Constance

On Sunday I used the still “cooler” morning to have a short hike on the peninsula of Höri and enjoyed the views. Having done enough for the day I returned to the lakeside.

Horn-Lake of Constance
Lake of Constance view
Castle Horn-Lake of Constance
Sunrise-Lake of Constance

Monday morning I got up really early to watch the sunrise over the lake. Just beautiful!

On the way back home I made a quick stop at the “Rheinfall”. This is one of the biggest waterfalls in Europe. It is 150m wide and 23m high. I entered via the castle of Laufen. Enjoy the view!

Rheinfall 1
Rheinfall 2
Rheinfall 3
Castle Laufenburg

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